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Highlights from March 2024


Bellwave Apartments would like to congratulate Katie Bethell who has accepted the position of Home Lead for the downstairs floor of the Apartments. Katie has worked for the company for a number of years and has gained experience as a support worker, senior support worker and now feels she is ready for the next step in her career.

Employees of the Quarter

And another big congratulations to 2 of our Employee of the Quarter winners, Alisha Biston and Claire Walters. Alisha is known to regularly go above and beyond her role. Claire’s dedication to her role and willingness to go the extra mile has seen her become a core member of the Dom Care team. 

Bellwave House

At Bellwave House, residents have been fully immersed in the excitement of the 6 Nations rugby tournament, cheering on Wales with great enthusiasm. Despite the outcomes, the spirit of togetherness during the matches has been a highlight. 

The Bellwave Choir has been a lovely addition to our activities, with many residents participating. The joy of singing together has made this a much-anticipated regular event. 

Our culinary and performance skills were showcased in the Great Bellwave Bake-off and Bellwave’sGot Talent. Resident GB stole the show in the talent competition with a captivating dance routine. 

Weekly pool games have become a crowd favorite, bringing together residents from all services for some friendly competition. As the weather begins to brighten, we’re looking forward to more outdoor walks, embracing the beautiful surroundings of Porthcawl. In a wonderful example of co-production, resident DW has taken on the role of Activity Coordinator at Bellwave House, leading activities for and by our residents.

Bellwave Corner

On March 20th, 2024, we marked the first anniversary of Bellwave Corner’s opening with a vibrant talent show. GB dazzled everyone with his dance moves, clinching first place. Home Lead Efa Petrou’s poetic prowess earned her second place, while ND’s cool dance moves secured third. 

St. David’s Day was celebrated with homemade Welsh cakes and themed activities like word searches, coloring, and a Welsh quiz. JK and NW have been enjoying pool tournaments at the Brogden with residents from other homes, and MF has recently joined in, discovering a passion for pool. 

MF is eagerly anticipating his holiday to Tenby next month, a trip organized with the help of our staff. He’s also excited about getting a new tattoo in June. On March 3rd, 2024, MF enjoyed a sunny stroll on Porthcawl beach, indulging in a secret ice cream and admiring some cool motorbikes. During the Wales vs. Italy game, all residents at Bellwave Corner relished some pizza, adding to the enjoyment of the match.

Bellwave Drive

At Bellwave Drive, our residents have been actively participating in a variety of events and activities. The excitement of the 6 Nations rugby tournament brought residents and staff together, with everyone enjoying the camaraderie despite Wales’s performance this year. 

Our house even hosted some of these events, welcoming residents from other schemes to join in the fun. In our residents’ corner, we’re pleased to share that PM has been settling in well at Bellwave Drive after moving from Bellwave House. This transition marks a significant milestone for PM, who had lived at Bellwave House for several years. 

PM is now embracing independence, preparing his own meals, managing his shopping, and maintaining a clean room. We’re proud of PM’s progress and achievements!

Bellwave Apartments

In March 2024, the staff and residents at Bellwave Apartments began making the most of the improving weather with several walks in nearby nature reserves. The residents have also been participating in the group pool tournaments every Thursday in Porthcawl, with resident SD showcasing his new bicycles. 

The Bellwave Choir group’s visit to the Bellwave Apartments was a highlight of the month, and we extend our gratitude to everyone who attended from other homes. Additionally, the Easter coffee morning and quiz were well-received, and we thank all participants for their involvement. Steve continues his dedicated volunteer work at Theo’s in Kenfig Hill every Friday and Saturday. 

Our residents have also been enjoying social outings, including shopping trips to Cardiff, Porthcawl, and other local areas, further enhancing their community engagement and enjoyment of the season.

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from March 2024