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Highlights from April 2024

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Serendipity is proud to announce that our rating from the most recent audit has come through and we received the highest grading! We would like to thank our managers and all our team for their contributions toward making this happen. Through the quality of care we provide, we hope to continue hitting these targets.

Staff News

Another big congratulations to 2 of our Employee of the Quarter winners, Amanda Daniel and Victoria Hanman!

Here are some words from their colleagues: “Victoria puts the residents needs first and she goes above and beyond her duties” “Amanda is always happy to help, no task if ever too big or too small, she has a heart of gold and a beautiful person inside and out.”

Victoria Hanman

Amanda Daniel

Absolutely wonderful, we love to hear such positive and supportive feedback from the team.

Dan Ring has become our NEW Team Leader Congratulations, Dan! This new role, reinforces our leadership structure in Bellwave House. With the Registered Manager, Mark Davies, overseeing Bellwave Drive, this ensures adequate leadership across our facilities and supports future expansion. Mark Davies retains regulatory responsibility for both sites, maintaining significant involvement in both services.

Bellwave House

Residents at Bellwave Drive have been actively engaged in a diverse range of events and activities throughout the past month. Our established activity program now includes choir sessions and pool tournaments. Additionally, some residents joined the ‘walk for autism’ fundraiser, which successfully raised over £600 for Autism Awareness. Dressed in vibrant colors, we paraded through Porthcawl, pausing midway for a well-deserved break with coffee and ice cream.

The pleasant weather added to the enjoyment of the day, and everyone had a wonderful time while contributing significantly to the cause.

In other news, DW, a resident at Bellwave House, is currently in the process of transitioning from Residential Care to supported living with Serendipity. DW has made remarkable progress since joining Bellwave House, having previously received care at Cefn Yr Afon rehabilitation centre. The multidisciplinary team (MDT) has unanimously agreed that DW is ready for this next step toward independence. DW is eagerly looking forward to this new chapter, filled with anticipation and excitement.

Bellwave Corner

Bellwave Corner has kicked off its summer gardening efforts. We recently visited the garden centre in Pyle with IW, who assisted us in selecting items for our garden. Currently, we’ve planted potatoes and garlic, with MF lending a hand. This is just the beginning of our gardening project, and we aim to involve everyone in our weekly gardening clubs, NW helped conduct interviews for a new support worker, and he thoroughly enjoyed participating. He asked numerous questions and shared information about himself and our home.

NW shared positive remarks, saying, “The staff are lovely, and I like where I live.” MF is just four pounds away from losing a stone since starting Slimming World. MF mentioned that he’ll receive a certificate and a gold star from Slimming World upon reaching this milestone. He’s staying active by going on long walks, such as the Autism Awareness walk, where he covered over 9000 steps! Impressive!

MF is also eagerly anticipating his holiday to Tenby on the 10th of May and plans to do some clothes shopping for new holiday attire beforehand. MF, JK, and NW are still thoroughly enjoying the weekly pool tournaments. They’re all determined to clinch the trophy!

Bellave Apartments

Bellwave Apartments proudly congratulates Nadine Stevenson on her new role as Senior for the downstairs floor. With over a year of experience, Nadine’s journey from a support worker at Bellwave Corner in South Cornelly exemplifies her dedication.

While her departure saddens the team and residents at Bellwave Corner, we’re thrilled to witness her career advancement within the company. A warm welcome goes out to our three new Support Workers: Mark Williams, Naomi Fatuga, and Emily Middleton. Having completed their inductions, they’re currently shadowing experienced staff members, eager to embark on their Serendipity careers.

Happy birthday wishes are extended to Katie, our Home Lead, and to our resident JVT, who celebrated his 62nd birthday with a small party. We kicked off the month with a successful coffee morning and quiz, appreciating the staff and individuals who participated. Easter brought arts, crafts, and baking events.

As April embraced sunnier days, residents and staff seized the opportunity to tidy the garden for vegetable and flower planting during our weekly gardening group. VJ and JVT enjoyed leisurely walks and duck feeding at Margam Park.

Our choir group received a warm reception, with special thanks to SD of the Apartments for generously donating a spare microphone and amplifier. An event raising awareness for Bipolar disorder was held, providing valuable information to staff and residents.

Amidst these activities, walks in nearby nature reserves continue to be a favourite pastime. VJ is a regular at the weekly pool tournaments in Porthcawl. Additionally, we’ve converted the old office room upstairs into a bedroom, eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new resident to our home.

Bellwave Cottage

It’s been a relatively peaceful period at the Cottage, save for a series of storms that caused inconvenience for one resident seeking outdoor relaxation. In response, we acquired a new smoking shelter, a task almost as challenging as weathering the storms themselves.

With resident support, the shelter now stands assembled and in full use. A respite from the inclement weather enabled a group from the Cottage to venture to Mumbles, indulging in local attractions and a seaside lunch. Here’s to hoping for brighter skies in the weeks ahead to facilitate more outings.

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from April 2024