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Highlights from May 2024

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This month, our residents participated in ‘Move It for Mental Health’ week, organised by Mental Health UK.
We encouraged everyone to engage in various activities, to promote mental wellbeing. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to prioritise their mental health and enjoy themselves.

Staff Updates


We would like to congratulate Richard Gregory, our Senior Support Worker, on his promotion to Assistant Team Leader at the Care Home. We also welcomed back Anna Marie Osgod to Serendipity after a year away. Special congratulations to night staff Victoria Hanman for completing her BSc Honours in Psychology after six years of hard work!




We wish our Senior Support Worker, Chloe Morgan, all the best as she embarks on new adventures with her new job role.

Chloe will leave us in June, and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for her hard work and dedication since Bellwave Drive opened last September.

Working alongside Home Lead Hayley, Chloe has been a great asset to the team, and the residents will miss her dearly. Congratulations on your new role, Chloe, and best wishes for the future!



Bellwave House

Residents at Bellwave House enjoyed various activities and trips over the past month. Besides attending our regular events like pool, choir, and yoga, some residents went shopping in Cardiff with staff support.

Resident GB purchased new furniture and a 65-inch TV for his room! We celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week, focusing on ‘Movement’ this year. To mark the event, staff and residents went to Porthcawl Beach for football and other ball games, enjoying beautiful weather and ice cream.

Bellwave House will welcome new resident PB, coming from Taith Newydd. This transition is a step down from a more secure setting to a community home. PB has already visited, and we look forward to having him live with us.

Additionally, our resident DW will transition to less intensive support at Bellwave Apartments, having made significant progress at Bellwave House.

Bellwave Drive

A lot has been happening at Bellwave Drive over the last month. We warmly welcome our new resident, J, who has settled in well and is already enjoying group activities like beach trips, choir sessions, and pool tournaments.

J is getting along with his co-residents and demonstrating independent skills with weekly shopping and house tasks. Residents at Bellwave Drive have been engaging in numerous activities over the last month. They participated in ‘Move It for Mental Health’ week, enjoying an afternoon at the beach with other projects.

The residents have also been working on their independent skills by baking and preparing their own meals. On days with poor weather, all residents enjoyed movie days. They also participated in a sports day with other projects, and AE has been showcasing her gardening skills at Bellwave Corner.

Bellwave Drive joined Bellwave House for a Sunday BBQ, where everyone enjoyed good food and music. Additionally, Bellwave Drive hosted its first Yoga and Mindfulness Wednesday, led by Registered Manager Mark Davies. This relaxing afternoon in the garden, joined by residents from other projects, was enjoyed by all, leaving everyone feeling zen.

Bellwave Apartments

This month at the apartments, residents have actively participated in various activities, including choir practice, ‘Move It for Mental Health’ on the beach, pool tournaments, and enjoying the garden’s sunshine. Support Worker Dionne Parry has tirelessly planned these activities and encouraged engagement in national celebratory events.

We celebrated National Gardening Week by starting a gardening club, where residents from different projects planted vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. During Deaf Awareness Week, staff and residents learned sign language, with resident DC mastering key phrases like ‘I love you’ and ‘what’s your name.’

Resident VJ enjoyed ‘Move It for Mental Health’ week with beach activities and zen yoga. SD has become the new resident DJ, entertaining with music and dancing, and has signed up for the gym.

ND enjoyed evening walks and participated in the pool tournament. Apartment 1 celebrated National Share a Story Month with crafts, story writing, and baking.

Bellwave Corner

This month at Bellwave Corner, we welcomed new night support workers Andrea Jones and Suzanne Lister. We enjoyed a sunny day trip to Tenby with all five residents, featuring beach walks and ice cream.

MF stayed three nights, enjoying the pool table and arcades. We focused on fitness during ‘Move for Mental Health,’ with beach games and visits to Cats Protection. Choir and gardening groups were successful, and today we’re heading to Newbridge Fields for a football match and picnic, celebrating British Sandwich Week.

Bellwave Cottage

It’s been a great month at the Cottage! We celebrated resident TM’s birthday with cards, presents, and breakfast at Toby’s Carvery. Residents enjoyed beach games for World Mental Health Awareness Week, ending with ice cream.

In the second half of May, we focused on healthy living, with residents reducing sugar intake and engaging in physical activities. Resident MB joined Slimming World, losing 6.5 pounds—congrats! We also had fun taking a group photo, humorously dubbed as Serendipity’s boy band, No Direction.

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