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Highlights from July 2023



Bellwave Apartments

At Bellwave apartments, we are pleased to announce that Kelly Evans will be joining our team as a new Home Leader. Kelly brings with her a wonderful passion for her work and extensive experience in the supported living sector. Kelly has spent the past nine years working in Supported Living for Young People Experiencing Homelessness, Care Leavers and Young People with Mental Health and Complex Needs.

Kelly has settled in quickly and would like to extend her gratitude to the team for their warm welcome and ongoing support. We are excited to see what she brings to the apartments and have no doubts that she’ll fit right in with the rest of our amazing staff.

Bellwave Apartments support staff member, Katie Bethell is moving on and heading over to Bellwave Cottage, to take the next steps in her career as Senior Support. Katie’s presence at Bellwave apartments will be greatly missed by staff and residents alike. Katie is always striving to provide the best possible support to the residents, and during her time at Bellwave Apartments, has taken on additional responsibilities to support the senior support workers.

She has been an integral part of the teams so it is with heavy hearts that the team and residents at Bellwave Apartments bid Katie farewell. We all sincerely wish her the very best on her new adventure and have no doubt that she’ll be an outstanding addition to the team at Bellwave Cottage.

In addition to all of this shuffling staff excitement, we’ve also just marked our 2 year anniversary as Bellwave Apartments! We celebrated in style with a BBQ Garden Party, and were joined by some of our great people from across the entire Bellwave family.

Bellwave Cottage

The team and residents at Bellwave Cottage would like to pass a huge congratulations on to our resident MB for PASSING his College Level 1 course, Introduction to Professional Cookery. To celebrate in style he has been on his holiday to Tenby supported by our lovely Lead of the Cottage Ian Heard. The cottage has enjoyed a freshening up, being decorated and painted after getting the go ahead from our residents.

MB in Tenby!
Holiday to Tenby

Bellwave House

Bellwave House has seen the addition of some lovely female residents which, as with any new addition to our home, has been an exciting time for everyone. We’ve been busy this month with a whole lot of exciting activities that have well received by all. Movie nights, Joyriders sessions, adult colouring and cooking sessions to name a few.

A standout highlight was celebrating Jamie’s birthday, the buffet food was amazing! We’ve also been fortunate to have Chef MB, a resident from Bellwave Cottage, delighting our taste buds at Bellwave House, supported by the lovely House resident AE. Lastly, we’re very proud to announce that our youngest resident has been accepted onto a Level 1 Professional Cookery course – a testament to the drive and talent within our walls.

Chef MB and his amazing assistant AE
Our wonderful in house chefs!
AE’s creation

Bellwave Corner

At our newest property addition, Bellwave Corner, we have been busy planning and holding a pizza party, BBQ, and facilitating visits to the local circus. We’ve loved seeing the creativity on display from Efa and Helen as they’ve helped with these events. They’ve both been pushing for our residents to be community involved as much as possible, which is great to see. We are doing our best to encourage our residents to walk and cycle whenever possible.

James WatkinsHighlights from July 2023