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Highlights from January 2024

Investors of People

Our managers were excited to celebrate winning the silver Investors of People award at Hensol Castle. Thank you to every one of our staff members who have contributed towards this brilliant achievement.

Resident Birthdays

Two of our residents celebrated some pretty big birthdays this month. NW celebrated his 40th Birthday on January 19th and enjoyed a lovely meal at the Salt Water Inn, in Porthcawl.

MF also celebrated his 50th on January 19th. For his birthday he enjoyed a visit to the Monkey Sanctuary in Caehopkin. He also enjoyed a birthday meal on the 22nd at Whether Spoons in Bridgend.

Bellwave Corner

It’s been a bustling start to the year at Bellwave Corner!

We’ve had our two resident birthday milestones. Aside from that, MF keeps impressing us by attending Slimming World and hitting the gym regularly, also enjoying his time at the Arts and Crafts group every Thursday.

JK and Efa had a great time playing airsoft in North Cornelly, diving into the mud and the fun of airsoft guns, with Efa finding a new hobby. NW proved his skills at pool once again, beating JK 4-1.

IW, our new chef, has been delighting us with his culinary talents, cooking up everything from curries to jacket potatoes. NL is eagerly anticipating a shopping spree next week at Currys and Sports Direct, excited to indulge in some self-treats.

Next month, we’re all excited for the 6 Nations celebration and Valentine’s Day activities, including card making.

Bellwave Cottage

January kicked off with a buzz of activity at the Cottage, as some residents teamed up for gym sessions in Bridgend every Thursday, getting a solid start on their fitness resolutions. Meanwhile, others enjoyed their usual routines, including shopping and coastal walks.

MB tested his luck at Castle Bingo, almost clinching a win in several games! Despite not winning, he enjoyed a lovely lunch and felt warmly embraced by the local community.

On January 20th, MB experienced his first rugby match at Brewery Field, watching Bridgend Ravens take on Pontypridd. The game was preceded by a tribute to the legendary JPR Williams, with his former teammates and family retiring his Bridgend no. 15 jersey.
It was a memorable day for MB, who’s keen to watch more matches there.

We’re also thrilled to welcome Steph back from maternity leave and bid farewell to Julia Lewis.

It’s been a month of mixed emotions and new beginnings at the Cottage and we are excited for next month’s plans!


Jennifer CosslettHighlights from January 2024