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Highlights from December 2023

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Looking Forward

Serendipity is poised for growth and progress this year. Key initiatives like the Ratings System steering group and leadership workshops will drive vital changes and standardise team leadership, shaping the culture we aspire to within Serendipity.

Bi-Annual Staff Forum

Serendipity just wrapped up a fantastic bi-annual staff forum where everyone shared ideas on rewards, culture, and more, helping make our place awesome to work at. Meanwhile, our first Ratings System group, with some of our top team members, is working hard to up our game and hit those ‘Excellent’ ratings, showing our commitment to getting better and better.

Bellwave House

Winter Wonderland

December at Bellwave House was a festive whirlwind! Our residents and staff had a blast on our annual Christmas shopping day and trip to Winter Wonderland in Swansea.We enjoyed a meal at Founders and Co, shopped around the city centre, and revelled in Winter Wonderland’s rides, hot chocolate, and toasted marshmallows.


Christmas Gathering

We also hosted fun in-house events, including Christmas card making, karaoke, and a tea and cakes afternoon. These gatherings brought together residents and staff from across our organisation, making the lead-up to Christmas a time of joy and community.

Bellwave Corner

This December was packed with festive fun at Bellwave Corner. We kicked off with a popular games afternoon, enjoyed decorations and gifts, and savoured trips to the “Beauty and the Beast” pantomime and Cardiff Winter Wonderland for ice skating and rides. Our Christmas dinner with staff was a heartwarming highlight.

Jk had a great time at Swansea’s SC2 indoor waterpark and is excited for next month’s Air-soft. Plus, we celebrated NL’s birthday, adding more joy to an already joyful time of year!

Bellwave Cottage

This Christmas at the Cottage was a wonderful time. Two residents stayed, exchanging gifts with family, then enjoying a cozy Christmas Day with more presents and a delicious lunch. Another resident excitedly spent the holiday with family.

Our coffee morning buzzed with friendly chatter, hot drinks, and mince pies, kicking off the season wonderfully. Big thanks to Serendipity for a delightful meal at The Red Dragon, complete with Alfie, a former Welsh rugby star, as our waiter. The afternoon was brightened by our extended team’s presence.

Additionally, Resident MB had a blast at our board game event, cherishing the games and camaraderie. This festive season at the Cottage was truly unforgettable, filled with joy and community spirit.

Bellwave Apartments

We’re excited to welcome Dean, our newest staff member, who’s fitting in nicely and enjoying meeting our residents. We recently had a festive Christmas Cake afternoon at the apartments, where we welcomed guests from other projects. The highlight was a live performance by our talented resident, Steven.

Additionally, our upstairs crew had a great time recently, cooking and sharing a delicious breakfast together.


Jennifer CosslettHighlights from December 2023