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Highlights from October 2023


A New Ratings System

In light of Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) upcoming implementation of a rating system for care providers, Mark Davies, Bellwave House Manager, is creating a steering group to enhance Serendipity’s ratings. They will benchmark current performance, devise strategies to meet standards, and ensure readiness for the 2025 rating system implementation.

Bellwave Apartments

Staff Updates

We would like to welcome two new staff members to the team at Bellwave Apartments, Charlotte Griffin and Jan Hoseason. We look forward to working with you and seeing how amazingly you contribute to the growth here at the apartments.

Latest News

In October, we had a blast celebrating a special birthday at the apartments. Our birthday star absolutely loved basking in the limelight and tucking into her much-anticipated rump steak!It was a double celebration as we also toasted to her first year with us.

A massive shout-out to all our apartment staff from Kelly & Matt – you guys are amazing! Your hard work and team spirit never go unnoticed. A big thanks to our friends from the other homes who chipped in; we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. Your dedication to our residents is what makes this place special. Cheers to all!

Bellwave Corner

Latest News

Bellwave Corner has been buzzing with pool games, swims, dog walks, and baking sessions. Two residents celebrated World Mental Health Day in Porthcawl, while Halloween saw us pumpkin picking and enjoying spooky movies on the big screen.

We’ve been sharing tips on healthy eating and saving energy, and a shout-out to MF for smashing it at slimming world.

Also, our staff Mental Health Support Group is thriving, this week’s mental health Bingo offered self-care goodies for prizes!

Bellwave House

Staff Updates

Bellwave House is thrilled to welcome new team members Sue Thomas, Rio Morgan and Ria Griffiths. We are grateful to have such amazing people working for Serendipity and we’re happy to see that trend continue with these new additions.

Latest News

Bellwave House is sprucing up, with fresh paint for the kitchen and dining area. The Wales v Argentina quarter-final was a blast despite the loss, complete with a buffet and a rousing rendition of the national anthem! Cheers to AE, who’s moved to supported living, a real success story of growing independence. We’re all rooting for her in her new chapter.

Mark’s attendance at the Social Care Wales ‘Well Being’ conference has sparked new ideas for staff and resident well-being, including Efa’s mental health support group. He’s also been recognised for his input on ‘Compassionate Leadership’, something we’re keen to expand on.

Our recent ‘World Mental Health Day’ event was a hit, where discussions on mental health prevalence, autism, treatments, support groups, and celebrity experiences helped in normalising the conversation and tackling stigma.

Bellwave Cottage

Latest News

Halloween at the cottage was a scream—literally! The residents had a chillingly good time watching horror flicks and getting visits from Trick or Treaters.

World Mental Health Day was a huge success. It was a powerful chance for us all to come together, spread knowledge, and advocate for mental health as a fundamental human right. It set the perfect tone for more events like this in the future.

Big cheers for our own MB, who’s a true local hero, volunteering every Monday at theBridgend Foodbank Warehouse. He’s not just helping with orders and deliveries; he’s making sure those in need have access to essential food items. Hats off to you, MB!

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from October 2023
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Highlights from September 2023


Exciting Announcement

We are excited to announce that Serendipity Care and Support has been shortlisted for an IIP (Investors In People) award. The awards will be held 14th November and we are all very excited. Thank you all for your contribution towards this nomination.

Serendipity’s Support Group

We are very pleased to share that our new mental health support group has started this month. Every other Thursday, the group will meet for group discussions as well as one-on-one support, monthly diaries, resource sharing and other ways we can support people through hard times in their lives. A big thank you to Eva for setting this up.

Bellwave House


Bellwave House has undergone a number of audits over the past few months and we’ve received excellent feedback in all. Among the audits was one by the  Health Board Commissioners. Unsurprisingly to us, they did not highlight any areas for improvement. We are all committed to providing excellent quality care at Bellwave House, and Serendipity as a whole are always striving for continuous improvement in all areas of care.

Off to College

One of our residents (AE) started college a few weeks ago. This is a huge achievement for AE given her anxieties of being in crowds. AE is learning catering level 1, she is already an excellent cook but will use this course to develop her skills further and start to cook more complicated dishes. It goes without saying that all of us are very much looking forward to that! Well done AE for facing your fears!

Aiming for Excellence

In other news Mark Davies and Matt Penpraze recently attended a CIW forum where the main topic was around the implementation of a new ratings system.  The ratings system classifications will be as follows:  Excellent, Good, Needs Improvement, Poor.  It goes without saying that Serendipity will be aiming for Excellence, but in order to achieve this we will need to be sector-leading!

Bellwave Corner

Fun times Continue

We’ve had a great month of fun and plenty of activities at Bellwave corner. The  pool tournament from last month is ongoing, we’ve been enjoying more shopping trips and even a round of mini golf.

End of Summer Festival

We also hosted an “End of Summer Festival”, allowing residents and staff an opportunity to connect with their friends from across the other properties. It was a great afternoon!


Bellwave Apartments

September Events

We have had a great month at Bellwave Apartments with lots of exciting events. We’ve had awesome movie nights, trips to Aberavon seafront, shopping excursions and much more.

An Artist Among Us

We were also excited to discover one of our residents amazing artistic talent. We were blown away when he presented an incredible portrait he had drawn of Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd, one of his favourite bands.

Bellwave Cottage

The King (of Rock and Roll) Arrives in Porthcawl

Bellwave Cottage is a-buzz as the Elvis festival has descended on Porthcawl. To celebrate, we enjoyed a fantastic music festival put on by Bellwave Corner with music and games.

A Visit to The Bay

Aside from that spectacle, a visit to Cardiff Bay was organised for the residents. We spent time taking in the views and historical buildings such as the Norwegian church art centre.

Staff Updates

Congratulations to Julie Humphreys who has recently been promoted to Acting Senior Support Worker for Bellwave House.

Julie has worked in the social care sector for a number of years having worked in a nursing home prior to joining Serendipity. Julie enjoys her work and feels extremely rewarded by supporting vulnerable people to lead fulfilling lives. Julie is doing an excellent job and is enjoying her new role.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from September 2023
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Highlights from August 2023

Bellwave Corner

It’s been an exciting and eventful month at Bellwave Corner. Our very own resident, MF, has embarked on a journey with Slimming World. It’s wonderful to see his dedication with his visits being every Thursday.

On the morning of August 1st, our resident NW from Bellwave Corner joined us at our Coffee morning event over at Bellwave Cottage, further strengthening the ties of our Bellwave family.

MF recently had an amazing time at Porthcawl Fair. Alongside the thrilling rides, a leisurely walk by the beach made the trip even more special, especially when spotting the charming donkeys at the shore. Meanwhile, residents NW & JK participated in the Pool tournament in Porthcawl. A couple of shopping trips for a two of our residents as well, with IW venturing to the bridgend shops and MF visiting Argos.

August 15th was a pawsitively delightful day! All our residents got to interact with a staff member’s two dogs. Cuddles and treats all around as well as a nice walk for all who wanted to go. Judging by the wagging tails and smiling faces it was a day enjoyed by all involved!

We are very proud of our resident, IW, as he completed his first walk from South Cornelly to the Tesco Express in North Cornelly. It’s about a 30-minute walk there and back, which marks a significant achievement for IW.

Upcoming Events:

  • On the 1st of September, we’ll have our Bellwave Corner Indian “Fakeaway” event. Stay tuned!
  • Finally, bid farewell to the lovely season as we celebrate the End of Summer Bellwave Corner Music Festival on 22.09.23.

Bellwave Apartments

August has been another rich and rewarding month at Bellwave Apartments. Here’s some of the highlights that made us smile, laugh, and cherish the community we’ve built.

One of our residents had a lovely day out in Cardiff with support workers Rhian & Katie. The day was marked by the rustling shopping bags and the thrill of trying on a bunch of outfits. Gearing up with a new wardrobe, she’s all set and eagerly anticipating an Autumn shopping spree.

The aroma wafting through the apartments said it all! Another resident showcased her culinary prowess, whipping up a delicious lasagne for all. And yes, it was most certainly as delicious as it looked!

The ever-enthusiastic support worker, Mollie, embarks on a new journey in the NHS. Here’s wishing her the very best in her new role. Simultaneously, Richard, our esteemed senior support worker, is switching lanes but not leaving the track—while he bids his primary role goodbye, he’ll still be with us for bank work. All the best, Richard! And in a twist of happy events, while we bid Katie adieu in our last newsletter, this month it’s a different story – she’s back and joining us as the new Senior Support Worker. Welcome back, Katie! Your return has certainly brightened our corridors.

There was an extra wag and woof in our apartments recently. Kaitlin, our support worker, brought in a furry companion who not only offered countless cwtches but is also expecting her own little bundles of joy soon. We’re eagerly waiting for the litter of pitter-pattering paws and a dose of puppy therapy!

The splashes and giggles were hard to miss when one of our residents ventured to LC2 in Swansea for a swimming session, accompanied by the supportive Damian. The experience was so enjoyable, an encore is already on the cards for next month.

For one resident, the echoing chords of a Pink Floyd tribute act in Porthcawl Pavilion became a memory to cherish, thanks to the company of support worker Rob.

Life at Bellwave Apartments is never dull, filled with moments big and small, that make every day unique. Looking forward to many more such experiences in the coming days!

Bellwave Cottage

A warm thank you to all who joined our recent coffee morning at the Cottage. The room was filled with laughter, the clinking of coffee mugs, and joyful conversations. The residents had a wonderful time, making it an occasion that will be fondly remembered.

The Brogden witnessed an afternoon of exciting pool competition. With contenders from all walks showcasing their skills, the atmosphere was thick with friendly rivalry and admiration. Every participant was a victor, and we’re eagerly awaiting the next face-off.

We have had a couple of cottage birthdays coming up in September. Happy Birthday Mary and PW. A belated but hearty birthday wish to MB for August.

Bellwave House

Staffing Updates:

Chloe Morgan, our esteemed Senior Support Worker, is taking her expertise and enthusiasm to our new venture, Bellwave Drive. Her contribution to Bellwave House has been immense, and we’d like to extend our warmest appreciation for her unwavering commitment. Best of luck, Chloe!

A huge congratulation is in order for Richard Gregory! From diligently serving as a Night Support Worker, Richard is now ready to embrace his new role as a Senior Support Worker at Bellwave House. We’re excited to witness his journey in this elevated role.

Let’s extend a hearty welcome to the newest members of our Bellwave family. Adrienne Morgan joins us as a Support Worker, bringing fresh energy and perspective. We’re also thrilled to have Karen Raikes onboard as our Night Support Worker. We look forward to their contributions and the shared journey ahead.

Bellwave House Activities:

Our residents have been having a fantastic time, engaging in a myriad of activities. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Culinary Delights: Our kitchen has been bustling with activity, as residents have taken to the helm to whip up delectable dishes.
  • Beach Visit: A visit to Ogmore Beach was a refreshing retreat, with the waves and sands being just what the doctor ordered.
  • Pampering and Relaxation: Our pamper afternoon was all about self-care, relaxation, and rejuvenation.
  • Cinema Evenings: Comfy couches, engaging movies, and a sprinkle of snacks made for perfect movie evenings.
  • Barbecue: The tantalizing aroma of the BBQ was hard to resist, and so were the conversations around it.
  • Cottage Coffee Morning: Our regular Cottage Coffee Morning, always a favourite, for its blend of caffeine, cakes and conversations.
  • Walking Wonders: The picturesque views at Ogmore/Rest Bay were explored and cherished during our recent walks.
  • Mans best friend: Dog walking sessions that brought joy not just to our four-legged friends but our residents too.
  • Billiards Battle: The recent Pool Tournament was a testament to the sporting spirit of our residents.
Jennifer CosslettHighlights from August 2023
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Serendipity’s 2023 SME UK Award Victory

We are thrilled to announce that Serendipity have been awarded the 2023 SME UK Business Enterprise Award for the Most Supportive Residential Care Home.

The UK Enterprise Awards have a unique methodology that sets it apart. These awards are not just about who nominates or submits the most compelling case. It’s about going above and beyond, being thoroughly researched, analyzed, and ultimately recognized for the incredible work one does.

So, what distinguished us from the rest? It was our unwavering commitment to our staff and their wellbeing. We believe in fostering a nurturing, supportive environment, not only for the residents we care for, but also for the people who make our work possible – our extraordinary team.

Our employee-centric philosophy has been the cornerstone of our ethos. From the moment someone joins our team, they are enveloped in a culture of support and encouragement. We view our employees as family and believe in their growth as much as our own. Incentives are not just rewards, but tokens of recognition for their commitment and hard work. It’s about letting them know that they are valued and appreciated.

Promotions from within the company are not just occasional occurrences but an integral part of our company ethos. We invest heavily in continuous professional development, providing our staff with all the resources and support they need to grow and excel in their roles. This approach not only encourages loyalty but also guarantees that our residents receive the best care from well-trained, dedicated professionals who are familiar with their needs and histories.

This award is a testament to our dedication, but it also sets a new benchmark for us. We will continue to strive, to innovate, and to support all those who make our care home a beacon of compassion and excellence. The journey continues, and we’re excited for the road ahead.

Thank you to the SME UK Business Enterprise Award for this tremendous honour, and to our wonderful team, residents, and their families for their unwavering faith in us. Here’s to many more milestones ahead!

Below is a link to the article on Serendipity on the UK Enterprise website. Page 136.

Jennifer CosslettSerendipity’s 2023 SME UK Award Victory
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