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Highlights from October 2023


A New Ratings System

In light of Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) upcoming implementation of a rating system for care providers, Mark Davies, Bellwave House Manager, is creating a steering group to enhance Serendipity’s ratings. They will benchmark current performance, devise strategies to meet standards, and ensure readiness for the 2025 rating system implementation.

Bellwave Apartments

Staff Updates

We would like to welcome two new staff members to the team at Bellwave Apartments, Charlotte Griffin and Jan Hoseason. We look forward to working with you and seeing how amazingly you contribute to the growth here at the apartments.

Latest News

In October, we had a blast celebrating a special birthday at the apartments. Our birthday star absolutely loved basking in the limelight and tucking into her much-anticipated rump steak!It was a double celebration as we also toasted to her first year with us.

A massive shout-out to all our apartment staff from Kelly & Matt – you guys are amazing! Your hard work and team spirit never go unnoticed. A big thanks to our friends from the other homes who chipped in; we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. Your dedication to our residents is what makes this place special. Cheers to all!

Bellwave Corner

Latest News

Bellwave Corner has been buzzing with pool games, swims, dog walks, and baking sessions. Two residents celebrated World Mental Health Day in Porthcawl, while Halloween saw us pumpkin picking and enjoying spooky movies on the big screen.

We’ve been sharing tips on healthy eating and saving energy, and a shout-out to MF for smashing it at slimming world.

Also, our staff Mental Health Support Group is thriving, this week’s mental health Bingo offered self-care goodies for prizes!

Bellwave House

Staff Updates

Bellwave House is thrilled to welcome new team members Sue Thomas, Rio Morgan and Ria Griffiths. We are grateful to have such amazing people working for Serendipity and we’re happy to see that trend continue with these new additions.

Latest News

Bellwave House is sprucing up, with fresh paint for the kitchen and dining area. The Wales v Argentina quarter-final was a blast despite the loss, complete with a buffet and a rousing rendition of the national anthem! Cheers to AE, who’s moved to supported living, a real success story of growing independence. We’re all rooting for her in her new chapter.

Mark’s attendance at the Social Care Wales ‘Well Being’ conference has sparked new ideas for staff and resident well-being, including Efa’s mental health support group. He’s also been recognised for his input on ‘Compassionate Leadership’, something we’re keen to expand on.

Our recent ‘World Mental Health Day’ event was a hit, where discussions on mental health prevalence, autism, treatments, support groups, and celebrity experiences helped in normalising the conversation and tackling stigma.

Bellwave Cottage

Latest News

Halloween at the cottage was a scream—literally! The residents had a chillingly good time watching horror flicks and getting visits from Trick or Treaters.

World Mental Health Day was a huge success. It was a powerful chance for us all to come together, spread knowledge, and advocate for mental health as a fundamental human right. It set the perfect tone for more events like this in the future.

Big cheers for our own MB, who’s a true local hero, volunteering every Monday at theBridgend Foodbank Warehouse. He’s not just helping with orders and deliveries; he’s making sure those in need have access to essential food items. Hats off to you, MB!

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from October 2023