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Highlights from November 2023

Investors in People Awards

This November, our managers represented Serendipity at the Investors in People Awards. We are very proud to say that Serendipity was a finalist! At Serendipity we commit to “Making Work Better” and were so proud of this achievement.

A New Serendipity Location

We are excited to introduce Bellwave Drive!

This new location is the latest addition to Serendipity’s Supported Living Services in the heart of Bridgend. It’s a warm, rustic place that’s already beginning to feel like home for our two new residents.

A big thank you to Chloe, our Senior Support Worker from Bellwave House, for bringing her invaluable experience. We remain committed to high-quality care and fostering independence. Our recent Bonfire Night was a blast – a great start to more fun and learning this festive season!

Bellwave House

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Bellwave House is undergoing a makeover with both the kitchen and dining area being painted. We have now got rid of the dark grey (sorry Matt) kitchen paint! Our next step is to decorate our dining room with some soft furnishings adding some much needed colour to help brighten up the environment. Its imperative that our residents feel like its a homely environment. We know that the environment where you reside is important to mental well-being.

Spooky Celebrations

Bellwave House hosted a halloween party and invited residents and staff from other locations. It was lovely to get together and everyone had fun.

Bonfire Night

Residents from Bellwave House attended the bonfire event in Bellwave Drive, everyone enjoyed getting together.

Sea Front Rides

Every week a charity who operate Trishaws come to take our residents on a ride around Porthcawl sea front. All who went on the rides really enjoyed.

A New Resident

Bellwave House welcomed a new resident, who comes to us from Taith Newydd.

The Road to Independence

GW was assessed as being ready for his next steps to independent living and has settled in really well.

We said goodbye to AE who moved on to the next step to independent living at Bellwave Drive, and it has been reported that she is settling in really well.

Bellwave Corner

It’s been another action-packed month at Bellwave Corner! The Bonfire Night party was a hit, with NW and MF having a blast with the sparklers.

Let’s Get Fit!

Our resident JK has been a fitness enthusiast, making waves at the Bridgend Life Centre pool and scoring a big win in bowling at Swansea, with MF closely following in second place – quite the debut for him! Meanwhile, MF is on a fitness and health journey, balancing gym sessions with his participation in Slimming World.

Chef’s in the Kitchen

He’s been cooking up a storm too, dishing out tasty homemade meals like spaghetti bolognese and cottage pie. His dedication to a healthier lifestyle is truly inspiring!

Puppy Pals

Our residents have also been enjoying the company of staff dogs, taking them on joyful walks. These furry visits always bring smiles and laughter. And, of course, the festive spirit is in full swing at Bellwave Corner!

Deck the Halls

The excitement over advent calendars is palpable, with everyone doing their best to resist the temptation of finishing all the chocolates too soon. It’s all about the countdown to Christmas and making every moment of this season special.

Jennifer CosslettHighlights from November 2023